How transaction coordinator help in estate transactions

We keep agents and you our client informed of file status and deadlines, communicate with lenders and attorneys, order reports, and submit transaction files for approval.

The work of a Transaction Coordinator

A transaction coordinator’s goal is to handle legal contracts and disclosures. And to do so, a Transaction Coordinator ensures that all documents are properly completed, that all due diligence, conditions and contingencies are performed in the proper time frame, and that  files will be brokerage compliant and cleared to close.

Some of the Transaction Coordinator’s work includes:

  • Updating the agent, client on file status during the process and setting up regular reminders for the agent
  • Recording Time deadlines and contingencies
  • Preparing and sending disclosures and addendum to clients for signatures
  • Communicating with lenders, title companies, and closing attorneys to ensure deliverables are received on time
  • Ordering reports
  • Submitting the transaction file to compliance brokers for approval
  • Forwarding specific, closing and commission instruction to firms handling the closing

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