Expert Assistance with Probate Real Estate Sales

We provide comprehensive estate management services including legal documentation, title clearance, property maintenance, valuation, and sale assistance.

Managing Real Estate During Probate: How We Can Help You

We help you do the pull preliminary collection of all legal documentation, necessary for legal sale and transfer of real property.

We connect you with our local title and escrow team, to start the work of clearing the title(seeing if there are any liens on the property).

We help you secure personnel, and real property.(as stated licensed realtors). When you decide to work with us, we then enter into a fiduciary relationship. Confidentiality and  care is owed to you as our client. This means, taking good care of you, our client and your funds, in addition to the property. By working with you,as our client, we gain the next level of representation on your behalf, to ensure that the deceased person and the real property are protected during the probate.

When needed, we help you organize, and even oversee the estate sale, in order to collect the proceeds.

We connect you to our preferred local vendors.(who can do anything from taking the junk away from the home, to donating personal property to local charities, doing basic groundskeeping and cleaning service work, etc..)

We help manage the real estate during probate.

If needed by the court, we are arranged for the pre-listing appraisal, and the home inspection.

We gather complete and satisfactory evidence of the value of the real property at the time of death. 

Then we do an extensive and comprehensive review of market conditions, and then create a detailed CMA(competitive market analysis) in order to arrive at the fair market value of the property. This is the document that will be presented to the judge of the Probate court.

We do all the professional, marketing, and promotion.(no out-of-pocket expense to you.) due at the time of closing

We hold soft opening.(only for the local investors who are looking for off market deals.) and then official open houses and viewings for all of our clients.(such as  our buyers in our waiting program.) and the open market.

We are sure that all offer and sales contracts are in legal alignment with the court

And finally we assist you with the final closing and sale.