Here's how we help you Deal with Probate

Streamlining Probate Estate Sales:

A Five-Step Comprehensive Approach for Stress-Free Success

The focus and goal of our service is very simple: to help individuals and families and their counsel through the probate process, successfully, from beginning to end with our comprehensive approach to probate estate sales. Our five step process as outlined is designated to make the probate process as easy as stress-free as possible, while still allowing your family the freedom to make critical decisions for the estate.

Empowering Executors:
Customized Real Estate Solutions for Probate Property

After scheduling a call with us, we will meet with you, (as a court appointed, personal representative./estate executor) and your family to discuss critical components of preparing, listing and selling your property, an estimated timeline, and a transparent accounting of the cost involved. During our time together, we will sit down and evaluate your absolute desires, needs and outcomes for the real estate and your options in determining what’s the best course of action (be- it holding onto your property long-term as an investment or liquidating in an order to satisfy court judgment and heirs inheritance). We’ll strategize according to for option, principal, based on your outcomes, and what’s the most desirable and financially sound in the real estate market:

#1 “ Instant Cash Offer,”
#2 “Sold as is”
#3 “Renovate Now, Pay Later”,
#4 "Keep the Property and Lease it with an “Option to Purchase”.


Efficient and Effective:
Quick Property Prep for a Smooth Sales Process

Within 24 hours of your appointment of us, as your Administrator, we will begin the process of preparing your property for sale. This includes scheduling contractor estimates, managing access to the property, dealing with personal property, and providing you with written proposals, along with our suggestions and analyst. This is where our local preferred vendors come in place to make all of this possible.


Maximizing Exposure:
Strategic Marketing for Your Property Sale

With repairs and preparation is now in process, we will begin building the marketing campaign for your property. Will begin by placing coming soon listings on all of our most popular and prosperous online real estate markets. Doing so will allow us to begin generating local interest in the property as repairs and preparations are being finalized. After preparations have been completed, will schedule a seasoned real estate photographer to come and photograph the property with both a traditional digital camera, and a 3-D mapping camera that will create a virtual walk through the property. This will allow us to begin generating interest, with out-of-state investors.


Expert Guidance and Communication: Navigating Property Offers with Ease

Once your property is on the market, it will begin sending you daily reports and calling you to provide updates and answer any of your questions. Once we receive all the offers on the property, we will contact you immediately with the details, and we will provide you with a detailed spreadsheet of all the offers and their specific pros and cons. Then we will help you negotiate the best price and secure the best terms for you and the estate.

Effortless Closings:
Streamlined Settlements for Probate Property Sales

After you accept the winning offer, our team will navigate you through the settlement process. Will make the closing process both quick and easy. With our remote closing solution, you can sign virtually from the comfort of your own home, office, or on the road. This is especially important for all of the out-of-state state personnel. Representatives/Executors who are managing the Probate process long distance. Following your closing, we will provide you with all  payment details. You can rest assured in knowing that you have done all you could do to successfully probate the real property of the deceased.